Planashift is the perfect online workforce management software solution for any business that needs to manage employees or volunteers. Don’t depend on non-effective scheduling methods, even your employees will love this app!

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With our solution you can easily manage employee scheduling from wherever you are with mobile phone, tablet or PC with internet connection. Let your employees trade their shifts and save up to 80% of the time previously spent on scheduling. You can also use our real-time in-depth overviews (attendance, labor costs etc.). We are still modifying our application to meet your business needs.



Schedule smarter and faster. Our application is easy-to-use, everything is visual and interactive. Create schedules or free shift and let your employees sign in them. Deal with nonattendence with one simple click and many more!


Get real-time and in-depth statistics about your employees. Check easily attendance, number of hours worked or planned, labor costs and more.


It doesn’t matter where you are. The only things you need are internet connection and a device with browser. Handle every problem you might bump into with smile and ease, even if you are thousands miles from office.

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